Wednesday, August 16, 2006

David B.

Just a quick post today as the nervous tick of "getthehelloutsidecuzitssonice" is biting me hairy arse. I thought I would start sharing some of the good books I am reading whilst hanging out on the patio and sipping my Mojito. David B. has been the recent cat in my head chasing that gerbil on the wheel. Babel is the spin-off series from his award winning book Epileptic (buy it now if ya don't have it). The story still revolves around his relationship with his brother and his ailment but now the story wheel squeaks to the rhythm of myth, history and dreams. The larger 'Ignatz' format combined with the dual black and red tone printing fits perfectly now into the series fold. David's storytelling along with his bold graphic style against the red backgrounds show his command of the sequential language as he stands atop this tower of Babel. Here is an excerpt interview with him from the recent Comics Journal and an article from the one and only Bart Beaty from the Comics Reporter. Also, don't forget to check out David's stuff in the MOME anthology!! Great stoof or I should say C'est Bon huh huh huh!!


John said...

When I first started Babel I was a little uncertain. I was wondering if David could really write about anything other than his brother. I just finished issue #2, however, and I think my fears have been put to rest. He may be writing about Jean-Christophe, but moreso in a very indirect manner than in Epileptic.

On the subway home I started "The Veiled Prophet," from the Summer 2006 issue of Mome. This is the first on-autobiographical work of his for me. I really love the way the prophet is drawn, as if the veil has completely taken over his body.

jeff said...

Hey John! I too had the same trepidation about David and his fixation on his brother. But, with the Mome stories and this second Babel I am now a believer in the simple yet complex story-telling of his.