Tuesday, December 12, 2006

DVD Hardercore Part 2

This is the short (court metrage) buffet table of other DVD's I would like to mention for those who are interested. I know I am missing a lot of cool DVD's that have come out this year so please don't hesitate to send a little memo, via an orifice, to my lovely gerbil associate who is on a prolonged lunch break from the wheel. So grab your plate and head on up to the all-you-can-consume-before-your-top-button-explodes-to-kill-the-person-in-front-of-you smorgasborg.

••Igor Kovalyov-Milch (shown above)
••Gilles Cuvelier-Chahut
Franck Dion-The Phantom Inspector
••Paul Fierlinger-Drawn from Memory
Rosto-Mind the Gap Trilogy
••Virgil Widrich-4 Films of
••George Schwizgebel-The Painted Pictures of
••Signe Baumane-Ten Films Animated by
David Shrigley and Chris Shepherd-Who I am and What I Want
••Run Wrake-Rabbit

Compilation DVD's
British Animation Awards Vol.1-6 + Best of's
•Avoid Eye Contact Vol. 1 + 2
••Anxious Animation
Ars Electronica 2006
All of these DVD's can be found on the ChaletFilms.com website (except for the RunWrake which can be found on his website.) Or buy them direct from their site where possible. I know this is the YouTube era of watching every known animated film out there but it is nice to have the actual film in your collection and to give back to the artist. Although, I don't know how much gets back to the artist??


Esn said...

And anyway, Youtube has pretty shitty image quality. I think that Youtube has encouraged me to buy more animation DVDs than anything else - you see the shitty version on Youtube, then order the crisp & clean version on DVD. It works like an advertisement for them.

Esn said...

By the way, Jeff, I think you might find this interesting:
(Aleksandr Petrov's new film, "My Love")

(a recent commercial by him)

(a scene from "The Old Man and the Sea", his previous film which won him an Oscar in 2000)

Could he win the Oscar again this year? I certainly hope so, and I really want to see his new film. Perhaps this will also finally mean an English-subtitled DVD release of all of his previous masterpieces (the only film of his that's currently available is "The Old Man and the Sea", which can be found for a pretty cheap price on amazon.ca).

I can't understand why it wasn't shown at the OIAF, though. It was shown at the Hiroshima Animation Festival in August and won some of the top awards there... it either wasn't submitted for whatever reason (which I find unlikely, considering that Petrov is closely associated with Pascal Blais Studio which is based in Canada), or it wasn't accepted by the judges (in which case they have very bad taste, something which I can completely believe after suffering through one of their programmes this year. Terrible - two or three quality films among a dozen others which were probably selected based on how much sex and debauchery they could fit into their running times. Frankly, I think it's telling that the entire audience consisted of teens and 20-somethings. Maybe the selections were made to pander to them... or maybe the artistic culture in North America has actually degraded to the lowest common denominator. At least the Konstantin Bronzit retrospective and Hiroshimo Kawamoto's feature film "The Book of the Dead" provided some quality viewing.)

jeff said...

That's great ESN! I hope you don't mind me wrestling this one out of the mirky internet waters to hang above the hydrocephalic mantle (of the mollusk kind). Something about an exoskeleton has always appealed to me. But I digress. Things around here have been hectic but when the devil's wheel stops I would like to reply better to your comments. But in the mean time, thanks again!!

esn said...

Of course I don't mind, be my guest. :)

The early Petrov films are actually available on the French DVD of "The Old Man and the Sea" ("Le Vieille Homme et la Mere" I think), which can be found at Chaletfilms. No English subtitles, unfortunately, which is why I hope this latest film might change that.

In other news, I've recently created an article on an upcoming stop-motion-animated feature film by Soyuzmultfilm and world-famous artist Mikhail Shemyakin: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gofmaniada

Perhaps you know about it already, but if you don't, there's a fascinating backstory behind it - it was originally the big idea of the new director of Soyuzmultfilm. Soyuzmultfilm had been basically taken over by the mafia in the 1990s and almost completely destroyed before the few animators who were left managed to take it back a few years ago and appoint a new director who actually cared about the studio. That was sometime in 2001. Then Mikhail Shemyakin was recruited and created the general concept of doing a film about the tales of E.T.A. Hoffman, as well as all of the art for the puppets and sets.

The first 20 minutes of the film were screened in St. Petersburg on Nov. 20, and they currently can't find the money to continue (no interested investors in Russia, apparently, so they're currently looking outside the country). It would be a tragedy if this film wasn't finished because it looks beautiful (also, they deliberately avoided using computers when making it). Here's a video of the premiere:

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