Monday, February 26, 2007

Torill Kove

Torill who? You might be asking. Well, Torill Kove, this year's Academy Award winner for Best Animated Short film, that's who!!! Her film the Danish Poet took top honour this year beating out the household names of Disney and Blue Sky. So, it was nice to see the underdog take it for all the little independent guys who did not make it onto the final nomination ballot. Congratulation to Torill and her team!!! Here is the official film site! Also, be sure to check the interview.


esn said...

I really like this film, and I'm surprised that it won, considering that it's deliberately simple and modest.

I'm one of those people with the huge backpacks. ;)

Here's a link to a free, legal high-quality version:

margaret atkinson said...

this film is such a good story. it is so unaffected and honest and unpretentious. what a breath of fresh air.