Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ann Arbor Film Festival

First, I want to congratulate Guilherme Marcondes for winning the best animated film at this year's Ann Arbor Film Festival!! There was some stiff competition as this year's AAFF had a nice slate of animated films in this 45th anniversary of the festival. Here are some of the films I noted: Don Hertzfeldt's Everything will be OK (which won best narrative award), Osbert Parker's Film Noir, Kathy Rose's Life in the Web, Naoyuki Tsuji's Children of the Shadows, Takashi Ishida's Ema/Emaki 2 and a celebratory retrospective of the films of Helen Hill. I think you will be seeing alot more of Helen Hill on the festival circuit this year!! Now that I have let this tyger out of the post bag, hopefully my entrails of thought will continue to stain the page. Fire up the electrodes!!!

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Greg Singer said...

Hi, Jeff. Not sure how to be in touch with you otherwise. Wanted to introduce you to a new site on AWN. Please write when you get a chance. Thanks, Greg (greg@awn.com)