Friday, February 17, 2006

Carlitopolis by Luis Nieto

Today's post is the funniest short I have seen in awhile!! Carlitopolis by Luis Nieto is an unassuming little short when it starts out with a banal presentation but quickly turns into a hilarious f/x experiment on poor Carlito.
In the end you'll be skritchin' that big bean of yers asking what was real and what wasn't. The best thing is, you can see it HERE in it's entirety as it is his grad film at ENSAD. Also, Luis has the best website! Check this out and laugh out loud all weekend long. It isn't everyday that we here get to fill our mandate of experimentation on small mammals.

1 comment:

Das Brick said...

Well my jaw dropped pretty fast... takes a second to figure out what you're watching with that one! Then the laffs really start. Spectacular!