Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Papy 3D Productions

I am foaming at the mouth (and it isn't because of the 'medication') to tell you about this new production house...Papy 3D Productions. It is made up by the superteam of indie animators Richard and Sarah Van den Boom, Franck Dion, Gilles Cuvelier, Suki and Jean-Michel Collet. We lit up the work of Sarah and Franck on the Big-headed Carnival sign...here and here. Suki has a very nice site showing his circus act @ Sukiland. As for Gilles Cuvelier, I have been wanting to review his shorfilm Chahut (Uproar). It is a short film that doesn't push any boundaries but is simply a beautiful 2D piece offered up with urgency, anticipation, 'empty spaces' and the (sur)real carnival that is life. Take a peek through the hole in the fence.
So, this production company is a promising venture that puts the director in the creative role as producer and animator. Their up-coming productions look interesting and I for one can't wait to see them!
(via Fous d'anim) which is an animation collective where apparently they all met through.

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