Saturday, November 19, 2005

Franck Dion

If you haven't seen this great lil' short stop-motion flic(ker) of brilliance then pick up the monkey and join the freakshow wagon to welcome Franck Dion's, THE PHANTOM INVENTORY! This film was a surprise highlight for me last year when I saw it. Look at the behind the scenes look at the making of this digital/stop-motion hybrid that is essentially 2 movies into 1. And if that isn't enough I found his latest website, The Imaginary Travels of Franck Dion, which ingeniously shows his work in film and illustration wrapped in this nice 'Myst'-like environment. So this should hold you off until tuesday as I am going to the Waterloo Animation festival this weekend and will report my findings post haste in a nice pie chart presentation. Mmmmm...pie!

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