Monday, June 26, 2006

Hail the Brothers Quay

Funny how life sometimes feels like it is stuck in some stop motion world filled with hollow-eyed dolls, creatures assembled from your bones and that annoying hair that vibrates incessantly at the crown of your forehead. No. Well, stop taking those pills and let the Brothers Quay treat you in absentia. With porcupine needle in hand head on over to the AWN and stick it into Taylor Jessen's interview with the expatriot twins who were in L.A. for a lecture and retrospective of their work. If you do not know who Stephen and Timothy Quay are then get yourself to the sanitorium and frantically scribble 'I am a loser' until your fingers bleed and the dead opera lady sings. Here are some St. Quay relics that we put the token in to illuminate the leathery skin--IFFR wish I could see this!! Also, Jack and Diane and no do not think John Meloncamp but a movie they are doing some animation for starting this summer. All hail the Brothers Quay.

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