Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Annecy winners

I have rigged up a self-torture device that looks like some medieval Rube Goldberg contraption that would make Flaggellants bleed with envy as I bemoan the fact of missing out on going to Annecy this year. So, it is with tar and feathers that I parade out like the village idiot to happily announce this years winners:
The grand prize goes to a specimen that hasn't strayed too far from this curiosity cabinet--
Regina Pessoa and her short film A Tragic Story with a Happy Ending. Also, Run Wrake's Rabbit, which you can now view on the BBC film network, took a special destinction award!! There are many winners so go and check out the full list here. I will open up the door of the Iron Maiden to pierce your heretical soul and enlighten you to some of the saints and sinners of the biggest animation inquisition in the world. So put on that 'Mask of Infamy' and bring your tortured self back for a pagan dance on this cranial altar of sacrificial offerings.

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