Friday, September 15, 2006

Manu Larcenet

Let's see what's on the nightstand table this week: Ordinary Victories by Manu Larcenet! I don't know what it is...too much cheese and wine but the comic and animation scene in France is turning my lemons into lemonade. Hi Kev. Anyway, Manu rubs noses with the hip bande dessinee crowd and is part of the epic of Donjon with Lewis Trondheim and Joann Sfar. This book hooked me in with the humour by the second page and kept me enthralled with the character til the end. I love his cartoony style set against the slice of life storyline of secret pasts, self-doubt, creative freedom and the capturing of everyday life under the light of art and progress. It is something that I find myself gripped with right now...except the secret past thing but anything could happen. Well, I am going to go off and play some video games and ...well you have to read the book for the next part:) Also, visit his blog!! Cool doodles and notes about the seedy underbelly of the french comic world. Filled with snails but in france that is considered yummy!

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