Thursday, September 14, 2006

Chris Shepherd and David Shrigley

Well, here we are and it isn't a Sunday! The bunnyhole is back and open for business with lots of pleasure as the genetically modified golden carrot of factory life is quickly coming to end. Now, the scary ride of real life is clammering up that fateful hill as I look down on Who I am and What I Want! Which segway's nicely into the countdown to the OIAF 06...if you are not going then the hand of Chris Robinson will pluck yer head right off (see above). Well actually no...but his scientists are working on it. Be warned!! Not only am I just a wannabe pimp but Chris beats me to the proverbial punch of showing off the best shiners of independent animation...which leads us to Chris Shepherd and David Shrigley. Here is his left hook review here. The wonder twin power of this dynamic duo is activated by muttering slurs in a dark alley. My first exposure to Chris Shepherd's work was with his film, Dad's Dead. This live-action augmented world where animation heightens the emotional tension of angst and misguided youth was like that first drag of a cigarette in the back of the portables. Pass the dark meat, please. Mix this with the raw art of David Shrigley and you get a new orifice openning up and decapitated heads (no really, see above). You may know David's work from the video he did for Blur which was animated by Shynola. Even though some may NOT like his art because of its crudeness and 'my kid could do that' mentality it nevertheless touches on some raw nerve. In comics, it would be akin to Jeffrey Brown's work. Art isn't pur-dee all the time. It is ugly and crude and sometimes not even about the picture. I talked about it here. Anyway, Who I am and What I Want is a must see for me at the festival. So, put mortar and pestle together for this crudite of animation delights. Why does it always come back to sex and food? C'est la Vie!

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