Friday, May 18, 2007

Russian animation part 2

I don't know where I found this but here is a mined mountain mother load of contemporary animation from Mother Russia. Rambler Vision has many prrreh-shh-us nuggets to stare at that will undoubtedly be forged into rings of grandeur, most notably for me is Konstantin Bronzit's At the Ends of the Earth (shown above)!! Yesssss! Not much else to say but to go open your omnipresent blood shot eye and spend thousands of hours watching the glowing cube. In the end you will look like troglodytes mesmerized by strange shiny Cyrillic symbols and not wanting to share with the rest of those in the dark. Just remember it was miiine first!!


Das Brick said...

HCB, there is truly nothing like your site anywhere. I love the stuff you come up with, and check you out all the time. It is always a celebration in my house when there are new posts from the big-headed rabbit, and ESPECIALLY when Russian animation gets bandied around!! Huzzah! To the hustings!!!

jeff hasulo said...

Wow, thanx! I feel the same way about your site!! You always have the funnest stuff. My site is like the sister city of As Far as the Eye Can See. Although, it is just me and the cats, we all romp around the catnip toy pulled by the string of Das Brick. I will certainly reread your comment whenever I am feeling down or put it as a screensaver.