Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ann Arbor Film Festival

First, I want to congratulate Guilherme Marcondes for winning the best animated film at this year's Ann Arbor Film Festival!! There was some stiff competition as this year's AAFF had a nice slate of animated films in this 45th anniversary of the festival. Here are some of the films I noted: Don Hertzfeldt's Everything will be OK (which won best narrative award), Osbert Parker's Film Noir, Kathy Rose's Life in the Web, Naoyuki Tsuji's Children of the Shadows, Takashi Ishida's Ema/Emaki 2 and a celebratory retrospective of the films of Helen Hill. I think you will be seeing alot more of Helen Hill on the festival circuit this year!! Now that I have let this tyger out of the post bag, hopefully my entrails of thought will continue to stain the page. Fire up the electrodes!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Hello there kitties! I know that I haven't been posting much here in the last while but I have been posting my most terrible doodles at Squidinklings!! Don't despair though, there are lots of tasty scoops of goodness to fill those eye cones with here (like Squidulin's above!). Yeah, this is another communal drawing therapy group to help motivate us and others to draw for the fun of it. If you wanna join please feel free to scribble me an email or just leave a comment (please, it's for 'their' egos:) In the meantime, I am gathering back up steam or flatulence to climb up and poke my big melon outta the hole to report on all the edible independent g.m.o. (generally misrepresented organizations) carrots that I have been nibbling on lately.