Sunday, September 14, 2008

Matthew Walker

(click on image to see film)
It was a rainy kinda day yesterday and the 'blahs' were visiting well after morning tea, so, I rang Matthew Walker and just like that they were gone.
I've written about Matthew before as he is part of the World of Arthur Cox studio. His other films 'Astronauts' (BAA winner) and 'John and Karen' have been standouts for me as well and his latest one 'Operator', which won the 2007 Depict! award. Operator was completed by Matt as an animator in residence at the University of Wales Newport. Scott MacDonald who was a bg animator for the short reports it was animated in Flash with the backgrounds done in Maya and PS.

What I like best about Matt's films is that they are centred around basic human conditions. The mundane slice of life activities (albeit everyone seems to be eating or having tea!) set against the out of ordinary events is brilliant. They are simple, funny and universal to what makes everyone tick. So watch, enjoy, drink tea, eat bickies, and chuckle the blahs away!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Revolver - Jonas Odell

the OIAF is coming around once again!

Flattened fish, beating hearts, spinning churches, jonas odell, hour glasses, retrospective and much much more. It won't be like the First Time but it all comes around to the same spot with Family and Friends!

If you are still confused, watch above and pull the trigger. It's all there in glorious black and white:)