Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Anders Nilsen

Time for...What's living in my enlarged brain cavity!!...Anders Nilsen. Animation has been in the curio cabinet as of late so I will take you into the library to show off some of the books on my shelf. Anders Nilsen is part of the mega-star chicago group, the Holy Consumption, which comprises of Anders, Jeffrey Brown, John Hankiewicz and Paul Hornshemeier. Anders's latest issue of Big Question is out and worth picking up. Take a peek at a sample page of his work here. Also, he is going to be included in the new 'Ignatz' series launch in September by a consortium of european publishers and Fantagraphics in the States. So look out for The End next month. All of the artists of the Holy Consumption is worth holding up through the bars for a prod of the old freak stick.

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