Monday, August 22, 2005

Koji Yamamura

Today marks one more month until the OIAF and to kick it off I highlight the work of Koji Yamamura. His latest film, the Old Crocodile will be showing in Competition #4 of the festival. Actually, Koji ties together several past posts here on the bigheadedhare: 1) The Old Crocodile will be showing at the Ars Electronica in a couple of weeks. You can now download the festival program here. 2)Also, Koji has an animation museum set up at the Expo in Aichi, which will be showing one of those NFB shorts that won because of your vote! Don't forget to check out Koji's ink drawings on his site.
So for those rich philanthropists, remember to go to Linz, Austria; Aichi, Japan and Ottawa, Canada in the next month.

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