Saturday, March 11, 2006


So now, we focus on one of the big winners of the British Animation Awards...Runwrake! He won Best ShortFilm and Best Film at the Cutting Edge. I don't know how I haven't mentioned him before but nevertheless here he is and his film RABBIT! Nice cut-out style animation that looks like old school book illustrations brought to life in his unique off-kiltered way. You can view a snippet of this short on his site or view images on the ANIMATE! site, the great purveyeurs and supporters of u.k. animation. Also, there is a limited free download from Lovefilm, although I couldn't get it to work (maybe only available to the U.K.?) If you can get it there is some great stuff on there including Fallen Art by Tomek Baginski. So, through the Animate! site there is a nice link to an interview with Runwrake and Osbert Parker (Film Noir) on Ideasfactory. Check out Runwrake's short film, videos and illustrations too. Congrats!

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