Monday, June 12, 2006

Rob Sato

I have been toiling in the bunny patch so that I can grow my genetically modified army of cabbage patch drones. But then, I realized in so doing that I have neglected the propaganda crusade of unearthing delectable morsels to share with yous'all. Well pack your lunch and march in single file to bury those cut off crusty edges in the back garden with Rob Sato. I took shovel in hand to start the uprooting of what I consider one of the most overlooked comics of last year, Burying Sandwiches. Fortunately now Rob has his own greenhouse to showcase the fruits of his blackened thumb. With that check out his freakish flora form art that grows wild with seeded imagination. Also, the sample pages of his comic are ripe and ready to sink your canine teeth into. See why this beautiful yet simple story of anorexia is more subtle in tone than the black and white marks on the page.

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Anonymous said...

if words could talk, they'd tell you to go to:

rob sato is the featured artist of the month, and his drawings hurt my feelings SO GOOD!
i think he is the shit.