Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sunday Inspiration: Dehuman

Sunday Inspiration appears (mostly) every week and was inpired by the masterclass of Michael Dudok de Wit. First, I just want to note that these highlights every week are not to idolize the artists although they may seem to be sometimes. The purpose is to stimulate the creative process by exposing it to different artistic perspectives and styles with the intent on re-energizing one's own creative output. So, today I pull back the rood screen to uncover the raw and emotional drawings of DeHuman. It is a collaberative exhibition of Daniel Erban, Dennis Michael Jones, Ed Pien (who has been a focus of Sunday Inpiration before) and Balint Zsako and curated by Mark Laliberte. All of these artist's create work that dips into a primordial ink that seeps into the psyche of fear and horror. Raw gestural brushstrokes plunges the viewer into the dark waters of faith, death, hell and nightmares. Dehuman is a baptism back to the essence of human artistic expression that is buried in each and every one of us. The visual representation of the unknown, ever-changing, sentient awareness of unquantifiable data that makes us who we are. The automatic drawings are inspired directly from the sub-conscious and spill onto the page like chaos or dark matter. Simply, one might say crude but not without insight or 'intelligent' design.

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