Monday, September 04, 2006

Sonic Sunday: Bell X1

I know it seems that this has become a sonic sunday kinda habit but my computer is down yet again and I only get a chance to access this digital soapbox every week. I promise the animation will go off like a furball violently dislodging from yer throat as soon as I get my computer up and running again. But for now, I offer up a cool graphics company called SSSR who has done a bang up job on a band I have been following ever since I saw them perform at Eamonn Doran's in Temple Bar way back in the day. The band then was Juniper but now with some shedding they are Bell X1 and I am happy to say that they sound cooler than ever! Damien who? It is great to see they are getting a hip animation house to create the visuals to their sound. SSSR nicely combines different visual styles and 'Rocky took a Lover' is a good example of this. It is a great look to a song that has been stuck in me head for the last couple of weeks now. I have had the pleasure of hanging out with David Geraghty from the band and it is good to see that he is still going at it.

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Das Brick said...

That's flippin' great! Love the song and the crazy Jojoesque textures in the video. Pleeeeeease give us more, Mr HCB!!!!!!