Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Animation Show Round Trois!

As Game Over signals the death of my Dreams and Desire in this City Paradise, 9 Rabbits whilst in a fatal Collision with a Guide Dog gurgle in unison that Everything Will Be Okay and that in Overtime I will forge through the Strong Waters but tragicallly in the end there will be No Room for Gerold. What is this peyote inspired rambling you say? ...well it is the third round bout of the ANIMATION SHOW! Giant mouseketeer sea creatures take on the entire 'Flying Zambini' bros. air squad in this match to the death. Here is the schedule to go see this Amazing touring ocean battle semi-near you or not even close at all!! For those interested locally, it is playing in Royal Oak from Feb. 13th-21st @ the Main Arts Theatre.
Mike Judge and Don Hertzfeldt have put together another visual clambake that yields many pearls. Like the 'current hot potatoe' of the animation scene, Max Hattler, to last year's idolater, Run Wrake! The other films are festival faves and award winners, check out the full list here. The one that caught mes yeux was Eaux Forte (shown above) by Remi Chaye. Yeah Remi!! I had the pleasure of meeting Remi this summer as he is working on Cartoon Saloon's highly anticipated feature film, Brendan and the Secret of Kells. Here is to good coffee, a broken piano and broken noses!
Go see and enjoy the "spectacle" (I wonder if the french have a word for that).

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