Friday, January 19, 2007

Guy Delisle

Alllright-ee then, let's keep this blog rolling! Let's hear your best singing voice raise in unison for a quebecois rendition of "Bonne Fete" pour Guy Delisle, as it is his birthday today. I realize that I have been neglecting the comics and art quotion so I will try and make up for it in the coming weeks. So, you might of heard of Guy Delisle's books, Pyonyang or his recent Shenzhen, both of which have topped multiple 'best of' lists over the last couple of years. Here is a nice interview from NPR with Guy speaking about his work and HERE is a recent article from the Ottawa Citizen shedding some light about his thoughts on the changing industry of graphic novels and publishing. More importantly, Fous D'Anim posted about an exhibition of his in France that one can see all the great pics from on the Lili & Beko site!! Huge Zoetropes and pictures from his experiences in China and North Korea. Check out the fun that we are missing over here on this side and hope a gallery or festival in Quebec will get this exhibition over here! Don't laugh, it could Amid Amidi at the Brew points out, Montreal is getting THIS!!! If you haven't read any of Guy's stuff, I encourage you to pick up a copy. Walk backwards to your nearest book store or your local library as it is probably there by now. Hopefully, the mainstreaming of comix is a good thing and not it's great undoing.

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