Sunday, February 26, 2006

Crash and Burn

I am just recovering from the aftermath of MEDIA CITY 12! What a great festival it was and congrats to all the people involved. A special acclamation of devote insanity goes to Oona Mosna for putting this heavy, cerebral, challenging, thought provoking and visual orgy of a lap dance in the backyard of this backwater town! Although she won't see this as she has better taste than to read this schlock! Unfortunately, my computer went belly up on friday night and I have to get it up and running when I stop feeling like shit. Anyway, the winners are--
Third Place: Bouquet 28-30 (Rose Lowder, France)
Second Place: Close Quarters (Jim Jennings, USA)
First Place: Nethergate (Bruce 'the smuggler' McClure, USA)
So there ya have it. Now that you've seen the real deal you can go to Images Festival in Toronto. Actually, they are showing the Brothers Quay, Piano Tuner of Earthquakes on March 15th! Go and see!!!

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