Friday, March 10, 2006

Jonas Odell

"Aldrig som första gången!", pardon my Swedish! No it isn't an obsenity it is the new award winning short by Jonas Odell. "Never Like the First Time!" won the Golden Bear at this years Berlin International Film Festival. Jonas is co-founder and director for Filmtechnarna which has been the 'IT' studio for eye-popping music videos. His video for Franz Ferdinand really catapulted Jonas onto the world stage and I was worried that the production of his own films would be put to the wayside. So, it is good to see him still doing his thing. You can view all of his short films on the Filmtechnarna site but the one that turns my head inside-out and back again is Revolver. Soundlooped non-narrative glitch that'll give yer head a twitch. Jonas has found his niche in Futurism inspired collage but eye candy aside it is his synthesis of various artistic styles loaded in the needle of this new digital age that is the real shot in the arm contribution that he is making. You can see all of his videos here via Videoville. Now you are in the loop with one of the coolest directors and studios working today.

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