Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Cordell Barker

Well, since I have already snitted about Richard Condie , we might as well let the whole bogie out of the nasal passage and throw in the cat. Cordell Barker was another integral fly in the ointment of the Manitoba NFB animation spray-unit. His great interpretation of the Harry S. Miller song, The Cat Came Back (via YouTube), was both an instant classic and an Oscar nominee in 1989. With the success of this film Cordell shifted into the commercial realm but in 2001 he proved to still be coming back around with Strange Invaders, garnering him another Oscar nod. View a clip of it here. Although, Cordell's style bears a strong handed influence from Richard Condie and even Paul Driesen, the humour is all his own! You can let loose the Dogs of War but the Cat will always wear them down in the End!
(thanx Alambique)

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Unknown said...

excelent movie! quite good the link between the music and the animation. We have a link to the you tube video, everyone that like animation should see it.