Thursday, January 10, 2008


Well, talk about the dark pit of our psyche: Ericailcane certainly sews the knitted folds of my gray matter into a black-pearl-stitched cranial cozy. It is covered in a menagerie made in formaldehyde, and dyed in the deepest recesses of the mind. The cross-stitched dark fairy tales, cross-hatched out of the imaginings of this Italian artist, took me in right from the opening page. Engravings, drawings and installations display an unnatural animal kingdom as collected in Victorian museum collections. Interestingly enough, Ericailcane has worked with many artists, including street artist Blu (see earlier post). He will have a show this year in Chicago @ the Italian Cultural Institute. So, while you wrap yourself in the cold, fleshy blanket, with a strong cuppa tea, and wait impatiently for this, you can watch his stop-motion videos. Il Galione is below and there is more on his site. No moral ending to this post.
(thanks to Katrzyna!:)

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margaret atkinson said...

yay for the bird at the end!yay for the bird at the end!yay for the bird at the end!