Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Animation pimp

Sorry this is a rehash of news via the boys at the Brew (link CartoonBrew) but I am on midnight shift this week and spend my days dreaming of mutant bunnies and having tea with hieronymous bosch. I digress, Chris Robinson, a.k.a. the animation pimp over at the AWN, has written a new book that will make it's premiers at the Ottawa Animation Festival. (All the more reason to go Kevin!!!) There are not a whole lot of books out there devoted to independent animation: Jayne Pilling's, Animation 2D and Beyond; Animation Unlimited by Liz Faber and Helen Walters and Animation Now by the Anima Mundi people. All of them have pros and cons to them but all are good books to get you started and Chris's will no doubt be a must have on that list. Chris's writing is raw and thoughtful and comes from a more literature based view point. He sets out to make you think about the animation in a different way, even if he crams it down your throat sometimes. In the end you will like the abuse and thank him for it.

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