Friday, September 02, 2005

Oscar Grillo

A couple of years ago I was fortunate to meet Oscar Grillo at the Ottawa Animation festival. It was one of my patented shy awkward 'I love your stuff Mr. Grillo...guffaw!' sort of meetings as I slank away like a cockroach scurrying under the light of my own embarrassment. But, it was great to meet him and I listened to him talk to JJ Villard who won that years festival Grand Prix prize. The best though was he gave a retrospective of his work and talked about his career. His work encompasses all styles which shows how he has made a long career in this precarious field of corporate driven production. If this was not enough, the final star tacked onto my enlarged pupils was when he showed an animatic of a personal film he was doing on the life and work of Charlie Parker. Now he has a blog where he gives us a regular dose of inspiration from his sketchbook. Don't forget to listen to the music while staring at the pictures.

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