Sunday, September 18, 2005

something in the wine

I don't put alot of CG stuff up on the big cranium canvas but I like the stuff from the students of Supinfocom! There must be something in the wine because the films that come out of this french college have a nice film sensibility. That is, they have more substance and don't blow there load on special fx. Mind you Akryls is definate eye candy but one gets quickly lost in the micro/macro vision of the ever emerging worlds. No explosions or skantily clad women or martial arts are required to carry this exploration of worlds within worlds. Is it progressive? no. But it is good to see this kind of film being produced at a early stage of these animators careers. For a good download click here.
Some other notable films to watch out for is Overtime and Getting started both of which will be showing in Ottawa.

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