Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Wow! What a great festival this year!! There was so many excellent films this year. I feel sorry for the jury, who did a great job, that had to pick winners out the many outstanding films. Check out the winners here. I am happy to see that Milch and _grau won. Always the highlight of the festival is the picnic where you get to meet and greet or stalk in my case all the animators in attendance. Oh and carve pumpkins of course.
Congrats to all the winners and to Chris, Kelly, Maral and Andre and all the volunteers that made this (now) annual festival a success. But as Paul Bush said so well, it isn't about the awards it is about seeing the films. So I urge one and all to make the pilgrimage up to Ottawa to see all the best in independent animation.
So, highlights of the festival to come when I get unpacked and settled. Also, if anyone who attended has pictures PLEASE send some to me as my camera went bellyup on friday.


Lee said...

you need some pics from the festival? both my blogs have pics! enjoy! - Lee

jeff said...

Thanx Lee I appreciate it! It was great to see such a big contingence from NY there at the festival.