Thursday, September 15, 2005

Feric vs. Joslin

In my sleep deprived state I have been wasting my days surfing the Dead Sea and stopping every once in a while for a drink. On one such stop I found the art of Jessica Joslin. She mixes bones and other found objects with antique mechanisms to create beautiful specimens that would look well in my curio cabinet. Which reminded of the art of Eric Feng aka Feric. His illustrations match well with Jessica's sculpture only he creates these high tech fauna hybrids. So I take another sip and images of the two artists work clash in some 2D vs 3D war with the hum and hiss of Joslin's antique (think Brothers Quay) creatures serpentined around the sleek cyborg killing machines of Feric (think Peter Chung's Aeon Flux...hope the movie is as good as the series). Now I would sell my collection of St. Mikey Jackson's noses at the drop of an infant to see that!

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