Monday, October 24, 2005

Baerbel Neubauer

Dare I say experimental animation without people reaching for the utensil drawer for a sharpened spoon. I know there was a plethora of ocular damage incurred at the OIAF this year when Barbara Doser's , Even Odd Even was shown. But I digress, I am still writing my thoughts on the subject and know that I am preaching to the uncoverted. However, I did notice that Baerbel Neubauer's work was shown at the Egyptian theatre in LA yesterday sponsored by the Goethe Institut. I just want to expose a flicker of her work to enlarged 'playstation' pupils to induce some sort of cultural seizure. I will not go on some raving diatribe just yet but if you want to stop complaining about the juvenile quagmire that animation is in please check her work out.

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