Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sunday Inspiration from the Pulpit of Ed

I heard a good interview with Art Spiegelman today on Definately Not Opera on CBCradio. He was asked what makes a good comic and he said (I paraphrase), 'like in all art, it is the unique voice or vision of the artist'. With that I thought I would share with you artists outside of the animation/comix scene to give inpiration and bleed the veins that connect the body of creativity. So open up the hymn book to page one and sing praise of the work of Ed Pien. Ed is inspired by Eastern and Western mythologies and mixes the two together into a disturbing vision of man and monsters. Like medieval beastiaries done in Sumi-e, Ed creates worlds that Bosch and Goya could easily inhabit. He uses ink on transluscent paper to create floor to ceiling installation pieces, like The Garden of Earthly Delights, for the viewer to explore and interact with. Images of the grotesque and mundane are illuminated and float through an organic world of colour and light. Ed pushes the traditional medium (ink on paper) not only in scale but in the use of video projection and audio recordings he creates an entire immersive world.

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