Sunday, October 30, 2005

Sunday Inspiration

Sunday Inspiration is a weekly occurence inspired by Michel Dudok de Wit's masterclass where he talked about creativity. Going to a museum is one of the things you can do to get those creative synapses a firing. Today's sermon is about that big spider outside of the National Gallery in Ottawa. I don't know how many people that attended the OIAF this year took the time to find out about the sculpture that makes you feel like Frodo when standing beneath it. The title of the piece is Maman and the artist is Louis Bourgois. You can get an audio guide of the sculpture and some cool video clips here. Louis Bourgois has had an artistic career spanning decades and has been at the front of every major art movement of the 20th century. She deals with themes of identity, sexuality, memory and death in her work. A fascinating artist not just on her art but on the life she has led and the creative influence she has exerted on the world of art.
I know it can be hard to penetrate the academic 'artspeak' world but just remember that you can take as much as you want out of it. Both use the same visual language when creating the art. So whether, it is the subject matter,the materials used or the effect that the piece has, all of them can be used as springboards for your own creation. As for example, imagine the giant bronze spider coming alive out of its cement moorings only to find itself being attacked by the War Memorial statues near by. Or one could explore the theme of fear and vulnerability. My point is there are limitless possibilities. This modern day concept of the artist going into seclusion to create some magnum opus is a fallacy! The more things you expose yourself to the less likely you will be trying to re-invent the wheel. I hope this helps as I know the digital tools take alot of time away from students let alone trying to find one's creative voice.
Done with the diatribe.
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