Saturday, October 08, 2005

Ottawa Part Deux

Well this is only a part of part 2 because there is just so much to write about. I saw every program in the festival and I am a little overwhelmed at where to start. So I thought I would just start with my favorites and randomly work my way through the competitions.
Competition 2 was one that I had no expectations for. The only short that I was looking forward to was Rosto's, Jona/Tomberry. I also like Rick Raxlen's stuff but I was very disappointed with, Academy Stripper. It felt like Rude Roll (which I like) all over again. Maybe I was expecting too much? But, the one short that took me by surprise was ICHTHYS by Marek Skrobecki!! This stop motion puppet piece is like some zen monk who sneeks up and smacks you with the stick of enlightenment. No dialogue just human gestures observed with microscopic precision to convey this allegory of patience. It is a simple story of a man that has to overcome the long arrival of his (last) supper. Marek manages to capture the subtle human condition of anticipation to the utter breakdown of psyche into madness. The stop motion animation is breathe taking and while researching about this film I found out that Marek uses life sized puppets (for this film one metre high) which might explain how he captures the nuance of every movement. The story itself embodies a medieval parable like the ones you would find in the Decameron or The Canterbury Tales. The kind where faith and prudence are the moral lessons and in the end we are all just worms ready to be eaten.
Watch the trailers that are on-line and hopefully this one will make onto a DVD.

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