Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Cath Elliott

Even though I haven't been posting that much the last couple of weeks, I have been looking at alot of animation on the net. Festivals are in full burning steam ahead in the eyes as you try and make it through the marathon screening crawl. From Annecy to Zagreb the picks are in and out for an eye orgy of independent sweat and creative juice flow. I know this blog is like that annoying flickering hair at the top corner of the film screen but if you have gone to a fest and have some highlights that you want to share, please feel free to give me a hoot and howler. So, here is me hoot and howler of someone's work I saw at a festival a few years back and have happily tripped on the murder weapon to land at the scene of the crime. Cath Elliott has been a suspect on the festival scene since graduating from the RCA and setting up her own company, Little Giant Pictures. I saw her film, Scientification, which you can view on her site along with many others. I stumbled onto another of her films, Inside Out, @ the Super Shorts Film Festival. There on the festival site you can watch a multitude of animated films, go here and choose animation category. There are too many bodies to i.d. but my highlights are Siri Melchior, Max Hattler, Marc Craste, Richard James, Ali Taylor and Ignacio Ferreras!!! Before you do that be sure to also check out Cath's illustrations, still wet from her blood tipped pen. I really like her scratch of the tooth and nail explorations of her films. Now, go and line up against the wall and hold the stuttering numbers in front of you and smile for the camera. I know your gonna be all over this one Ben!

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