Thursday, April 13, 2006

There is HELLP! right in your BackPocket

Speaking of damned souls in the maw of is a nice lil' CG short about a demon trying to cool off in the thermal nether regions. Hellp! is a product of the Vinton Studio scheme, Project:Backpocket, for a team of students to create (like Gods) there very own world from start to 'Ragnorok' ending. In this Pantheonic case it is Kishore Vijay, Sean Danyi, Ryan Yokley, Jessica Vliet, Andrea Shear, Jesus Chambrot, Benjamin Vu and Josh Parpan. Phew! Hot hot. The opening sequence by Josh Parpan will singe your nether regions with it's beautiful graphic style. Amid is right when he remarks about not worrying about 2D animation when there is people like Josh around. I also like the stylized 3D character design and the Burtonesque feel of this short film. Though the story is not sinful enough for me, it is a great example of this type of production model that should be emulated more here in North America. With free (will) reign and support students learn about the follies of film production under the supervision of the Studio. Let's see if Laika Entertainment will remember it's own footsteps or fall from grace.

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