Friday, April 14, 2006

David Lea

Z'ho me lil' starlings! Stab your sharp beaks into the flesh of this music video by David Lea, Heartstopper for Emiliana Torrini. Take the strips of loss and despair and build a nest by the seaside so you can watch the delicious puppet animation. David Lea is a director for Passion Pictures, which is a British production cave inhabited by a clan of hunter-gatherer type of animators that re-invent the wheel of 24fps. He has done music videos for Radiohead and the Offspring as well as adverts for Greenpeace. You can watch the Heartstopper video and his other works by navigating the Passion Pictures site...Animation: Directors: David Lea. Also, check out this early video, Shadow Teaser and I think he also worked on the cool Demestos ad (via boards). So peck away until only the bones are left.
And I would like to say Happy B-day to the Monkeyboy. Arse, feck, drink and grrls! Here's to despair.

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