Saturday, April 08, 2006

Ottawa International Animation Festival

After dealing with exploding water tanks and herding the hydrocephalic animals back off the ark, we can get back to the more important stuff...cartoons. And what a better way than to end the week in announcing the apocalyptical bed wetting event, the Ottawa International Animation Festival 2006! They are celebrating their 30th anniversary of screening independent celluloid convulsions for our viewing pleasure. This year's OIAF is coming out of the starting blocks faster than damned souls into the maw of hell with the fiendish poster designed by Gary Baseman (above) and the planned retrospectives of Bob Clampett, Bruno Bozzetto, John Straiton, Jeff Scher and Konstantin Bronzit. Also, if you think your short film is sinful enough to make it into this animated orgy of Boschian proportion, than fill out the entry form here ,sacrifice two virgins and call me in the morning.

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