Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Well here is a post that I should of done on Monday (well actually last year but curmudgeoness takes alot of work). So with that said, get yer arses over to AniBOOM!! A veritable one stop animation spree that will light a match under yer aforementioned area and make ya wanna do your own. But since their animation competition is now over, you can help decide who gets a piece of the $50,000 dollaro prize. That's right! A hand clenched, wee beady eyes, toothy grin kinda of prize. I am partial to Bendito Machine, Mr. Fortune and my favorite HUMANS!! Not that I am trying to influence anyone. Go vote. And light a match!!


Anonymous said...

my favorite movie is Beton, beautiful film. I think it stands out from the rest

GirlPaint said...

What happened to aniboom?! It was a really cool place to check out the best in animation for awhile. Recently, however, they 'updated' their site, the video player doesn't work, the site stats have dropped dramatically and they refuse to respond to questions or inquiries from their OWN content providers (I happen to know a few of them, and they are NOT happy). What a complete shame...I'll bet they sell out to YouTube and become one of the many nameless rabble of mediocre content providers. So sad.