Sunday, January 06, 2008

Michael Dudok de Wit

Sunday inspiration posts was something that I used to do and it was initially inspired by a Masterclass by Michael Dudok de Wit. In his presentation, Michael talked about Creativity and how everyone of us suffers from it's mercurial rise and fall. This is a good reminder to all, especially, as students crush back into the enclosed environment of higher education and the pressures that come about. So, without sounding too mercurial myself, I thought as I am waiting for the slow thaw to come about that you could warm yourself by the glowing embers of Michael's films. Father and Daughter (shown above), The Aroma of Tea, The Monk and the Fish and Tom Sweep will definitely give rise to inspiration and get the Muses dancing a wicked beat. Watching these films over again, not only are they visually stunning, but it is nice to see how much the rhythm and timing of the music are attached to the action and how it becomes the principal motivator in his latest film,the Aroma of Tea(2006). So, enjoy these films!! I lost all my bookmarks over the holidays and I am in the process of (re)collecting all my favorite things. If you want to share what gets you fired up, please do!!

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Hemaworstje said...

nice story , well explained loved it!