Sunday, October 23, 2005


The Sleep of my reason produces animated monsters being interviewed about their view on art, technology and education. My insomnia paid off last night as I stumbled upon a genie of the lamp and it's mine, all mine, mine,mine, mine! But I figured nobody reads my blog (except kevin and katie) so it is safe to post this diamond in the rough. Daniel Durning interviews sound and visual artists relating to computer animation on WPS1 MOMA online art radio. The Art and Technology program features interviews with artists working on the cutting egde of computer animation to educational issues of how to teach CG in this rapidly changing field. There is an extensive backlog of programs that you can listen to so go and enjoy this Sunday inpiration of art, animation and technology. Quickly, before I delete this blog and deny that it ever happened.


Das Brick said...

Holy Cannolies! Great blog! I chortled when reading about your insomniac epiphanies. Just had one myself! I will be a HCB reader henceforth. Thanks for the enlightening pointers.

jeff said...

Wahoo 3 readers! Thanx for the comment. You made my evening. You have a nice blog too.