Monday, April 17, 2006

Gaelle Denis

One director/animator that I have failed to mention thus far is Gaelle Denis. She is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Art (UK) and her film City Paradise, her first professional film, has been winning festivals all over the world. It is a nice mix of live action and digital fx to create a world in between the rain. She tells a story of awkward discovery into a secret world below the cloud laden metropolis of London. Gaelle was part of Ars Electronica last year and you can view via webcast in Forum III her talk that she gave there. Too bad my brain is still lethargic from all the food and chocolate from the weekend to really give Gaelle the write up she deserves. A delicious film full of feature length potential and I look forward to her next project. I am wishing that I could go to Annecy this year but I think the only way I will be able to is to smack my head whilst going swimming. Who knows maybe I'll learn french in the process.


Das Brick said...

I missed your writeup on this until you got name-dropped over at Cartoon Brew. You have the best craziest and most delectable stuff out there, Mr HCB. Keep pulverizing the lesser life forms with yer strange visions!!

jeff said...

Thanx for 'das bomb' drop but it is the artists that pulverize with the visual feast explosions. I am just picking from the table scraps.

Anonymous said...

I watch her film at Siggraph 2005. It is indeed one of the most beautiful short films that I have ever seen!