Thursday, October 05, 2006

Mesa di Voce

Well, now that I have hacked up both of my lungs, I can clear my throat and look at the hollow interior that is left. The cavern that remains isn't so much a hole but a gap that separates art and animation. It is a blackness that artificially breathes and bristles with electrodes and sensors that will it into existence. The clicks of switches and the coloured diodes echo and light up the space in between. It is a unique creation that is an interactive hybrid that gives life to performer and machine in an intertwined cacophony with real-time expression. Mesa di Voce is one such installation performance piece that fills the lungs and reaches up through the vocal chords to vibrate the sound and give it visual representation. It is a canvas that uses technology (motion sensors) to capture the vocal noises and positions of the singers who in turn control the image with his/her own voice. In essence the sound becomes the brush, albeit, a brush that has been artfully crafted by the coders. It is this symbiotic relationship between these two disciplines that a sight specific, impermanent, organic and mechanized form of expression is created. It is this dynamic, ever-changing entity that is called 'new media' that breathes excitement back into the my bones. I have talked occasionally about this subject...Gregory Barsamian, Knowbotic Research, Amit Pitaru and Visual Music. Now, I have updated my links on the side and added a 'new media' category. Please explore. I want to thank George Griffin, Rose Bond, Jeff Scher, Munro Ferguson and Lorelei Pepi for their inspiration panel discussion about this topic. Thanx to Lorelei in particular for exposing the fresh air of Jaap Blonk and Joan La Barbara. Now if only site specific work could be seen at the OIAF. There is the OAG and SAW gallery in the same bloody building. It's like screaming at a mind. Don't forget to view the video clips of this performance.

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