Sunday, October 15, 2006

Suzie Templeton

Finally, something to sink our teeth into!! And that is, Suzie Templeton's newest film, Peter and the Wolf! Also, my eyes got even bigger as to better see that the Polish studio Se-Ma-For was huffin' and puffin' with production on this project...(Remember Ichthys)!! Can you imagine seeing this film with a live full orchestra playing with the dense forest imagery of Prokofiev's story unfolding before your eyes!! Just from the trailer alone there is a sense of past, present and impending future that is imbued into the characters. What a great accomplishment by Breakthru films to fund this unique project and pull this out of the woods and onto the stage of the Royal Albert Hall. I don't know if this is the first for an animation to be commisioned for a musical venue as a stand alone entity and not part of a theatrical production?? But, it is a commercial hurdle I wish that could be jumped over more often.

Here is an nice article about this ambitious production with an interview with Suzie. The DVD is due out in November but you can see Suzie and the film at the Bradford Animation Festival (Nov.15-18th)!!

Once again, the mutated third eye of the British animation scene stares between the commercialism of the industry and focuses on the art of animation.
I would eat my way through a crowd of children to see this one.

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