Sunday, December 18, 2005

Sunday Inspiration: Gregory Barsamian

Welcome to the mechanical dreamspace of Gregory Barsamian. I first found out Gregory's work when I went to Cincinnati a few years back and picked up a cool publication about his kinetic sculptures. Just close your eyes and imagine hearing the humm and clicks of motors and gears spinning an elaborate metal frame that could be a giant Babylonian cylinder seal whirling around to depict the forgotten language of alchemy and magic. Strobing lights hypnotize as a sculptural soundloop comes alive in a sequential procession. The cylinder is broken up into sixteen frames as the throbbing light animates the sculpture like a huge zoetrope. Compared to the detached cyberworlds of new media, Barsamian's sculptures are the real mechanics inside the belly of the whale. Worlds swallowing worlds over and over again in a complex visual spasm of illusion. His work could easily be a modern Victorian show of smoke and mirrors. Throw in some steam powered engines to churn the magical illusion of the persistence of vision. Enjoy.
Inspiration Sunday is a weekly occurrence that was inspired by the masterclass of Michael Dudok de Wit.

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