Thursday, October 26, 2006

Pascal Campion

I just got back from pulling all my hair, if I had any! Man, the city that I live in SUCKS when it comes to supporting the Arts!! Anyway, I am tired of thinking and talking about it so lets look at something FUN! One slap happy site to bring out that inner Mutley laugh is Pascal Campion. Just the 'Boss Animations' alone unravels the twisted knot of municipal rhetoric that I had to endure at tonights meeting. So unhinge that funny bone and admire the prodigious talent of Campion's site and be sure to juggle your way over to his blog. Nice Flash animation and cartoony characters all wrapped up in a nice colour sense.
Fishbait Kate will eat this up hook, line and sinker when I mention the initial TMBG. Now, your reading this! I shall watch 'Dream on' a few more times as should all of you and then take that dream to the streets or the office!


pascal said...

John Keane just sent me this link!
thank you!

I'm very very very flattered!

jeff said...

Thanx, Pascal! I the one that is flattered!