Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Claire Wendling

This should have been yesterday's post as it fits with the Sunday Inpiration piece. Claire Wendling is an artiste extraordinaire and one of my muses. Her strong figural drawings are very much akin to that of Egon Schiele. She is a versatile artist that has a creative sense of design, colour and line. Claire is, in my humble opinion, one of the best illustrators working in the field of comix and animation. Although, I will say that I do like her more illustrative work and paintings than her animation designs. Viva Wendling and viva la rahr rahr!

Another artist who shows influence of Egon Schiele is Peter Chung. His seminal Mtv series, Aeon Flux, with its elongated expressive figures is a prime example. Too bad they didn't just give him the money for an animated feature length movie instead of wasting it on live-action.

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