Monday, November 14, 2005

JJ Villard

What to say about the strangled-guiltsweat world of JJ Villard! I was at the Ottawa festival when his film, Son of Satan(2003), won and this whirlwind of a dervish gets on stage. With teeth gnashing, adrenaline fueled shards of thanks and elation washed over us and filled us with his passion and brashness. Even when the lights went out to stop the baptismal tirade, he kept on shouting out into the darkness. This burned memory of the character of JJ Villiard is like a shadow under the glow of his films. For it is raw, brash, imperfection that summarizes the filmography of this CalArts graduate. At this years OIAF festival, Chestnuts Icelolly, won the grand prize for student animation. My gut reaction to his work reminded me of David Lapham's, Stray Bullets with more moles and warts thrown in. A strong graphic style holds up a limited animation technique that is then driven (full-tilt) by the characters. Which is what I like about his films! You can watch part of Son of Satan here and Chestnuts Icelolly here along with many other cool animations (the tree officer) to keep you occupied. Be sure to wear the HCB iron maiden ad sign box for me and be sure to tell all your friends to come by.

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