Tuesday, November 22, 2005


This week I am going to have a german theme. So from Von Hagen I move to the Reflektorium. This studio is comprised of animator Anja Struck (work above) and the wickedly talented illustrators Lars Henkel and Mario Wagner. I saw Anja's film, Whisper of the Fur Cones, and really liked the sound loop driven images that are very Brother's Quay in tone but carry off their own atmospheric quality. You can view a clip of it here in the professional section.
Then you have the work of Lars Henkel who is currently a favorite of mine and Mario Wagner who make these great collage images. So go to Reflektorium and see yourself through the eyes of these unique artists. Also, if you have anything german that you would like me to highlight, send it in as I always love getting email to fill my cranial egomania!

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